Awards and Endorsements


Book Signing Picture with Aunt Wanda“Cheer for Chlorine! is unlike any other book that teaches The Periodic Table. As an educator for many years, I found this book to be a creative and refreshing presentation that engages students of all ages. Teachers will find this book a great resource from the fun rhyming format to the suggested experiments. Any educator is sure to love Cheer for Chlorine!”

Karen Williams, Third Grade Teacher

Cheer for Chlorine! is a very fun book that taught me things I never knew in my entire life! Chlorine helps make the ocean salty, and it can be a green and yellow gas. I like the pictures, especially the swimming pool. It was a lot of fun for me and for my sister. My mom loved the quiz at the back of the book. It’s a really cool book. I think the author should write even more books like this for me to read.”

Max B., Age eight

“Ms. Washington used her craft as a writer to make science come to life in Cheer for Chlorine!. This story provides real-life examples young readers can relate to while incorporating deeper learning about how important chlorine is for us to live. I loved her first book, love this book, and can’t wait for her next book!”

Theresa Brown, Coordinator of Curriculum and Instruction, Hutchinson Public Schools, Kansas

“Through its use of rhyming text and clear language, this book allows young readers to easily grasp its lessons without ever speaking down to them. That coupled with the fun and simple experiments means kids will continue to learn from Hooray for Helium! long after it’s closed.”

Hannah Van Jura, Youth Services Associate, Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library

“This is a fun rhyming book to read and learn about elements. I never knew about Helium and how useful it is. I learned a lot!”

Benjamin T., Age seven

“What a great educational tool that translates higher-level concepts to ones young children can grasp! Hooray for Helium! is an excellent resource for kids, parents, and teachers alike. The concepts are presented in a simple yet very effective way that can help children understand science concepts like density, states of matter, and much more. Who knew learning could be so fun?”

Nancy Kim, Third Grade Teacher, Ivy Hills Elementary, Arlington Heights Public Schools, Illinois