About the Author

Blake WashingtonBlake Washington grew up in Strongsville, Ohio and earned her bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering at The Ohio State University.  Her passion for science, engineering and math is apparent both in her career in manufacturing and in the time she spends off the clock tutoring students in disadvantaged school systems.

Through her time working with children, Blake noticed a lot of her students demonstrated a knowledge gap in math and science.  This was quite the opposite of what she saw in her young niece and nephew, Kayla and Jay.  Recognizing Kayla and Jay’s extreme curiosity and desire to learn motivated Blake to change the direction of her teaching style.  She wanted to write engaging children’s books that introduced children to math and science topics in an enjoyable way. Hooray for Helium is Blake’s first book in a series that introduces children to the Periodic Table of Elements and a variety of chemistry concepts.

Blake currently lives in Decatur, Georgia and enjoys spending spare time with friends and family, playing board games and volunteering at a local homeless shelter.